“KG Group” is planning power up its instant food production by investing in modern new plant in Alytus

When fast food in a world is becoming more and more popular, “Kauno Grudai”, who has modern and the only instant noodles plant in Baltic States is expanding and planning invest around 15 mln. euro to fast-food plant in Alytus (Lithuania).

Alytus is perfect locations for further export, so it will be great opportunity for export logistics and improving employment level in the city as well. It is planned start building plant in second half of 2018, and the end of the projects preliminary planned on second quarter of 2019. After the opening new fast-food plant the supposed to be working around 40 people, with a perspective to rise this amount few times.

Today “Kauno Grudai” is known for their instantly made products brand such as full grain oat porridge “Activus”, instant noodles “Sun Yan”, “Dorea” or “Just Inn”. Rebranded premium class “Dorea” instant noodles are made without palm oil and have it’s line of whole grain instant noodles in cups. And the instant porridge “Activus” is expanding and may offer different flavors of porridges, which includes dairy fee or even vegan production.

Instant noodle plant in Kedainiai now has capacities of 84 milion insnant noodle packs, and 12 million cups per one year. And 95 percent of instant noodle plant production is exported to whole world.

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