About the Business

One of the business activities of AB Kauno Grūdai includes pet food production and sale. Working experience of over ten years in the pet food market ensures the production compliant with the top quality standards which includes the product line from “eko”, “eko+”  to “premium”, “premium+” class segment.

A team of professionals, own base of raw materials and innovative solutions lead to business success and strong positions in the market of pet products.

AB Kauno Grūdai owns the following brands of pet products: 

  • Canis Minor  – a complete and balanced food for adult small dog breeds
  • Canis Major  – a complete and balanced food for adult large dog breeds 
  • Quattro Delicatezza – a top class, complete food for dogs and cats
  • La murr – a complete and balanced cat food
  • Aport  a complete food for adult large dog breeds

The company’s flexibility and product quality resulted in AB Kauno Grūdai becoming the producer of private pet products. A private product is a product market with the customer’s brand; it is created and produced on the basis of individual customer request.