About the Business

The activities of  “Kauno Grūdai” are based on the integration of different types of businesses. Among the major requirements is ensuring the supply of grain, the main raw material used in the production processes. The essence of the activities of the Crop Production Business includes collaboration with farmers, expert consultations helping to obtain a maximum quantity harvest and quality at minimal costs, and the procurement of grain.

Differently from other companies, “Kauno Grūdai” is an especially attractive partner to farmers due to the favourable conditions it provides, quick settlement and procurement of both food and fodder grain at the best price.

A comparatively young business which within the period of one year managed to occupy 20 percent of the market, at the same time focussing on the development of the following complex farmer-orientated services:

  • provision of expert consultation to farmers.
  • procurement or storage of grain.
  • measures of crop protection.
  • fertilisation.
  • microelement fertilisers.
  • seed growing.

Our crop production team is at the moment considered to be among the best experts and consultants providing complex grain storage, drying and procurement services in 22 locations within the whole of Lithuania. The storing capacity of warehouses owned by the company comes to 190 thousand tons, which is one of the biggest capacities in Lithuania. We constantly invest into the quality of our services, meaning both professional and expeditious service of farmers.

Farmers choose “Kauno Grūdus” as they approve us as the purchaser of food and fodder grain, enjoy good settlement conditions as well as benefit from our consultations and the quality of services provided.