About the Business

The biggest producer of compound feeds in Baltic States

Kauno Grūdai is one of the biggest producers of compound feeds and premixes in Baltic States. Our experience in the production of compound feeds has been gained over more than half a century, when in 1955, responding to the increased development of livestock farms, the reconstructed Kaunas elevator started the production of compound feeds.

We are a team of professionals offering our clients a range of services. Our activities involve a business chain in the poultry sector. Our experience, professional specialists, and constantly updated production technologies allow us to remain reliable and stable business partners, and also to achieve scale economy resulting in the best price-to-quality ratio for agricultural feeds.

The compound feeds and premixes business of AB Kauno Grūdai generates the largest sales and offers the widest product range. We produce feeds of various formulas for poultry, pigs, cattle, and other animal groups. The feed formulas are developed taking into account productivity and the physical state of the animals as well as customer needs.

We manufacture and sell:

  • Combined feed for pigs, cattle, rabbits and fish. 
  • Complete feed for broiler chicks, laying hens, turkeys, quail, ducks and geese.
  • Protein mineral supplements for various animal groups. 
  • Vitamin mineral supplements for various animal groups. 
  • Licking blocks for cattle.
  • Raw materials for feed.
  • Fishing bait.

Products of  Kauno Grūdai can be purchased in company-owned shops in Lithuania and Latvia.

Since 2011, we have offered additional service – mobile production of compound feeds.

Kauno Grūdai can produce customised specific formula feeds and can also offer advice on animal rations, and prepare feeding programmes. Our annual compound feed capacities exceed 20 thousand tonnes. We guarantee not only professional consultations and high quality, but also the in-time delivery of feeds.

Highest quality standards

All our feed production meets the highest international quality standards. Since 2008, our company production procedures have corresponded to food safety management standard ISO 22000.

The exceptional compound feeds’ production quality guarantor of  Kauno Grūdai is the feed granulation line with an expander, which was installed in 2002. Due to this modern production technology, feeds pass through a high pressure and high-temperature short-time treatment giving the following advantages:

  • Killing of harmful pathogenic bacteria and mouldy fungi.
  • Improved absorption of nutrient materials resulting in the lower consumption of feeds.
  • Possibility of producing a wider range of products.
  • Feeds remain powdery even after adding liquid components.
  • Feeds do not become dusty or stratify.

The products are made of the highest quality raw materials that are pre-checked at corporate laboratories for quality. The required content of proteins, fats, calcium, phosphorus, and fibre is identified for both raw materials and complete feeds.

The products of the compound feeds and premixes business are used by the largest-in-Lithuania Kaišiadoriai and Vilnius poultry farms that, together with Kauno Grūdai, make up the largest and economically strongest group of companies in Lithuania KG Group.


You are welcome to visit our website, where you can find detailed information about our products and services - www.kgfeed.eu