Kauno Grūdai - an attractive fodder and premix supplier to Scandinavia

July 17 d., 2017 m.

More than six decades of experience in the Lithuanian fodder and premix business has given Kauno Grūdai the experience it needs to enter foreign markets, with particular attention focused on Scandinavia which shows interest in the products of the biggest plant of compound feeds and premixes in the Baltic States.  In the last two years for example, premixes worth over €1 million have been exported to Finland. 

„KG Group“ employees were celebrating International Children Day with families at Open Air Museum in Rumšiškės

Jun 03 d., 2017 m.

Celebration of International Children day - it’s a tradition of KG Group”. For many years employees are invited with their families to celebrate, picnic and have fun at Open Air Museum, in Rumšiškės. It’s an amazing tradition not only for children – adults also have lots of activities to do.

The largest, special shaped hot-air balloon take to the skies in Lithuania

May 25 d., 2017 m.

For the very first time, the largest by volume, special shaped hot air balloon will take to the skies in Lithuania. The 5,100 cubic metre craft has been created in the shape of a packet of “Activus” instant noodles and is available for anyone interested in feeling the exceptional connection with nature and seeing the world from a bird’s-eye view.